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NAME: Shelly
PERSONAL LJ: yuffie_9
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S):Whitewutianrose, Poptartenvy_9@yahoo.com

Talk to me here if you have questions, comments or critique! :D

Spiderswalk Information

FULL NAME: Yuffie Kisaragi

NATIONALITY: Wutanese (For the sake of SW She's Japanese and very proud of it.)

AGE: 19

BIRTHDAY: November 20, (SW: 11/20/16)

PERSONALITY: Yuffie is normally fairly loud and bubbly. She is something of an optimist and has a selfish self absorbed streak that can cause problems. As she has grown up that has definitely become less of an issue however. Yuffie is a highly emotional and reactive character, though she is intelligent and a useful person to have on your side, she is often ruled by emotion quicker then common sense. On the side of intelligence, Yuffie is the head of intelligence for the WRO, she is at least bi-lingual and can fight as well as people twice her age. In short, though the kid may seem like an air head, she is actually very smart.

Yuffie has a bit of a problem with once she has decided someone is an enemy, she has a problem becoming friends later (unless there is something in it for her that she needs).Though not a constant issue, and can work entirely in the reverse, she can be prone to making decisions about people based on who they were aligned with to the point where she decided she would be awful to people she had become allies with after learning they were Turks. Eventually she can work around it, even grow to trust people she at one point disliked or distrusted but it takes active work on either her part or theirs. The reverse is she can somehow manage to still believe in people even after they have completely and totally screwed up. She is insanely loyal, once you have her you have her nearly for good. She also is the type of person to keep an eye on people. She's the person who calls you randomly to see how you're doing and what time she WILL drop by to see you and you had better be there.

When you met her in FFVII she was quite the self serving kid. Immature, prone to fits of temper and quite frankly a brat. Though something of a good-natured brat under all of the anger at her father and at Shinra. This occasionally shows back up, especially if she feels threatened or particularly upset or offended.

She has stolen without much remorse and was flippant about having done so. She didn't flinch at the death of Don Corneo, though his death is rather brutal, or frankly many of the things they have had to do in the Jenova war. She is willing to fight with little reason if she gets freaked out.

Her ego is also a weak point, Yuffie knows she is good. VERY good. But she's not the best, and sometime that causes issues because she will think she can do something she can't. Or if she doesn't get something fast enough she gets FRUSTRATED. She is also impulsive, Yuffie doesn't think ahead on occasion to such extreme that she will charge headlong into fights she can't win or isn't prepared for.

Spiderswalk History:
Yuffie was born in Brooklyn, her parents migrated from Japan during the post-Meiji love affair Japan had with America. Unfortunately, soon after, the love affair ended due to various regulations and world happenings, but the Kisaragi family still was in Brooklyn and still were fairly comfortable all things considered.

This was, sadly, only until she was nine. When Yuffie was nine years old, her mother died, having gotten very sick a few months earlier and she simply never got better.

For the next few years, Yuffie was taught by a tutor, thanks to her father, and she continued on as she always had. Though significantly less well mannered and happy then she had been before her mother's death. When she was about fifteen she had a significant falling out with her father. The level of the fight caused Yuffie to run away, and she quickly found herself without money, or shelter, or anything necessary to live. So she took to pickpocketing.

Then, Yuffie's luck got better. Due to her willingness to work and her fearlessness in dealing with people, She worked as a runner, and then before the end of prohibition, began to find her true calling. As a thief. And a damn good one at that.

(May be expanded later with more information)

Affiliation: Osborn

Other information:

-Yuffie has her own place, but is rarely seen there. She tends to be running around other places, in fact, she will deny having a place she knows of to go if she believes it will get a good reaction.

-She occasionally steals things without noticing, meaning that sometimes you'll end up with a sheepish girl handing you back something she took out of your pocket unintentionally. Though she'll only give it back if she's on good terms with the person she took it from.


Reeve: (Canonmate) She tried to steal from him when she was younger, and instead got caught. Since then they are on very good terms and they bump into each other frequently enough.

Constantine: One of the only people who will by things from Yuffie anymore. Also, one of the few she will actively try to make things safer for by covering her tracks. She's known him since she was a kid in the city and he's the closest thing she has to family in the city. She is a frequent and usual visitor to his apartment and the shop.

Blue (Zuko): Fellow thief and Japanese kid. She thinks he's pretty damn nifty, and tries to keep an eye on him. He's one of her best friends, though she is very aware he's difficult as hell to deal with on occasion. But then again. She's difficult too.

Edgeworth: Also someone she considers a friend, though it's very much her pushing herself into his life by force and him simply having to deal with it. Too bad Lawyer man. She wants to help the guy find his sense of humor. REALLY wants to help the guy find his sense of humor.

Jack: Her drinking buddy. He's the first person in a long time she's dragged up to her place, and they're good friends. They confuse Edgeworth by both being close talkers and not courting. XDDD He's her partner in crime for trying to help Edgey find a sense of humor.

Gary: Jack's roommate. She doesn't understand quite why Jack is so adamant against him.

Miss. R (Rin) : Fellow girl on the journals and all in all a nice gal. Yuffie finds her fun to talk to.

Edel AU. Yes. I did more.

Goddamn plot bunnies!


Characters: Yuffie, Edgeworth, unnamed security, Mentioned: Paul

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Edel AU.

Jesus Christ. The plot bunnies are eating me.

Characters: Yuffie, Matt, Nami, Jack, Mentioned: Rin and implied others

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More....au shit...except not as good 0.o


Characters: Yuffie, Matt, implied others.

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Edel AU

AU stuffs

Character: Yuffie, Mentioned: Jack, Paul, Edgeworth

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HERE is a list of questions; HERE, a random number generator.

Post 10 numbers; questions will be answered honestly and truthfully.  Count yourself lucky. Yuffie will answer all nice and honest.

The materia system is bookmarked

Mastered Fire.
Mastered Ice.
Mastered lightning.

She carried eight in her strongest weapon, and feasibly Two in an item.